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Aftermath Marketing's Background Story

Danny Leonard

Went To A Local Community College 

After High School, I went to a local community college in Raleigh, North Carolina called 'Wake Tech'

From The Bottom To The Top Selling Discount Cards (Door -To -Door Sales)

Michael Valor, (CEO of the door-to-door card selling company at the time) mentored and invested in me. It was my first introduction to entrepreneurship and him and his team completely opened my eyes to this new world and I am beyond grateful for him and his team. 
(I still talk with him and his team to this day and we have worked on multiple projects together)

Started My Own Fitness Clothing Line

A lot of my friends were gaining their 'freshman 15', and I was still working out consistently, so they wanted me to help get them in shape, which led me to started a clothing line called 
'Proud To Be Healthy'

Started My First Marketing Agency

I became more interested in the digital advertising side of the business, so I shut down Proud To Be Healthy, and opened up a company called 'Optimum Internet Marketing' and we worked with local businesses on all of their digital advertising.

Became A Salesman At A LinkedIn Lead Generation Company

After a few years of going nowhere, I was approached by two close friends about a company they were starting and I became their top salesman.

Started Aftermath Marketing

In december of 2018, the company dissolved so I jumped back into the marketing industry, and created a new agency called 'Aftermath Marketing' and decided to work with a select few industries and only offered the key, foundational services that helped clients increase their revenue.

Customers Crush It. Business Blows Up.

Customers our loving our work and I'm very grateful that myself and my team can service them. It has been a crazy last few years, an we are just getting started. Nothing gets me more excited than seeing our clients getting insane results. That includes my favorite sports team winning their respected championships (LSU and the Saints)

"Danny helped us integrate the video Facebook retargeting strategy and helped us increase our revenue by 45% in just a few months. Danny is the man!” 
-Imran Lalani, Co-Founder of Aphro-D

Our Core Values

Meet The Team

Danny Leonard

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dennard Crawford

Chief Marketing Officer

Max Alderman

Marketing and Sales Manager

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