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We’ve done FB/IG advertising in the past with another agency, what makes you guys different?

This is a great question: There are many reasons so I will list them out to make it simple:

1.Trusting someone who has not proven themselves with a specific skill and responsibility like advertising will not only prevent you from hitting your goal, but will cost you a lot of resources as well. You want to give yourself the best chance for success, as do we. That is why we specifically work in the fitness and personality brand spaces. We decided to go ‘deep’ into those 2 niches, rather than simply learn advertising on a general level and offer it for everyone. Why? Because digital advertising for any industry becomes systemized- once figured out specific data points, such as the ideal KPIs (key performance indicators) that we needed to hit in order to achieve a 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, etc. ROI, we had a roadmap. That roadmap allows us to never go wrong with ad spending, we know if we hit a certain KPI in the campaigns such as the cost per link click, cost per checkout, cost per lead, cost per sale, etc. We know we’re on the right track to hitting your goal.

2. We can also provide collaborations between you and other fitness influencers and personality brands who are clients of ours- if we have a client that would fit well with working with you on some type of collaboration, that will benefit both of you, we’ll get you both in contact! Leverage our network!

3. We make it a point to educate our clients as we go through the process. We’ll never just simply launch something, we want to show you why and how we did that so that you can learn throughout the process as well. This will allow us to work as a team, once you have a solid grasp on understanding our system and thought process, you’ll be able to create content that will convert on a high level, effortlessly! 

4. Our main services are ads and funnels, because our main objective is to increase your revenue at all times. On top of that, we help you with your brand vision overall. The reason we decided to go into the fitness space as well as the personality brand space is because we are consumers of both! A lot of us were athletes and have bought multiple products and services from personality brands in the fitness and entrepreneurial space (and still do). We don’t just think of the strategy and content from a marketers perspective, we look at it from a consumer's perspective as well. That made it effortless for us to create content and ads for our clients, because the content and ads we made, are simply what we, as consumers would want to see! 

How much money does it cost?

Working with us on your advertising is not the cheapest in the world, but if you execute on the tasks we need you to execute on and work with us as a team, the ROI is hilariously high. Most of the customers we work with on are already doing at least six figures per year, and are eager to get to 7 figures as fast and efficiently as possible or they are people who are willing to do whatever it takes to make their dream a reality, and those same people just so happen to have stored capital in savings, access to credit, or have an investor, so pricing is something that rarely holds anyone back. The only other expense will be a camera/videographer (iphone cameras shoot incredible video now so that might not even be necessary depending on the model you have) and we handle all of the video editing. Don’t worry about getting in front of the camera at first, it might feel uncomfortable at first, but eventually you’ll love it!

How can I trust you?

The overall strategy and techniques that are introduced throughout this strategy were derived by historical data points from larger brands and ourselves through testing. 
Marketing and Psychology Concept References: ‘Talking To Strangers’ by: Malcolm Gladwell, Jeremy Haynes, Facebook Blueprint Course, Breakthrough Advertising, Evolutionary Psychology, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, NLP: The Essential Guide To Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ogilvy On Advertising, Words That Sell, Expert Secrets, Dotcom Secrets, Nick Kozmin
At the end of the day, we know you’ve been pitched digital marketing at least 100 different times by 100 different people telling you that they can help. We completely understand. Email me directly at and we’ll get you in contact with multiple clients so you can hear their experience from them directly. Email me at and I’ll get you in direct content with a client of ours.

Will this work if I don’t have any customers yet?

Yes, as long as you have a solid idea as to who your ideal customer is for your offer as well as which platform(s) they are on, it will work.

If you know who your customer is and where they are, we can get the messaging down.

What if I have someone on my staff that I want to have execute all of this? 

This is a great question, and we’re seeing this happen more frequently, especially with gyms. That is why we offer consulting for individuals and for teams. During the consulting, we'll go over our entire strategy, step by step, as well as how to integrate and get the backend of your funnels and automation set up and ready to go. We'll help your team, design, create, launch and monitor the ads.

We do this through weekly zoom meetings and we write out a timeline before we begin consulting, so that it is mapped out and executed perfectly.

Are there any long term contracts?

Nope! All we ask for is a an initial 90 day period to get everything set up, rolling and optimized! The reason we start with 90 days is because that is how long it typically takes for us to get everything set up, launched and gather a sufficient amount of data without spending too much money.  

Once that initial 90 day window comes to a close, we can look back and determine whether or not it makes sense to keep going or not, but typically after that initial 90 day window, it becomes a turn key system and we keep on working with the clients since we know the strategy works virtually every single time.

How do I know you guys are legit? 

That’s a great question and to be transparent with you, most (if not all) of our clients asked us the same thing. We are well aware that the state of the ‘marketing agency’ space isn’t exactly ideal for the customers right now, that is why we make it a point to show everything to you. Not just who we worked with and a quote, but also the exact data and results we got for each client. 

Numbers don’t lie, and we understand that. 

To take it a step further, email me directly at and I’ll get you in direct 1on1 contact with clients we’ve worked with so you can hear their experience working with us directly, and not just through us. 

We know that trust is the most important variable to this equation, so we make it a point to be as authentic and transparent as possible. 

Email me at and I’ll get you in direct contact with our clients

What if we’re already doing well and growing?

First let me say, congrats! If you’re already growing, you definitely have some ideal problems! 

This is ideal for us, if you already have a funnel and ads that convert really well, our job would be to simply scale the ads 10x higher and faster than what they’re doing now as well as work on the brand vision with you! 

This is where we can help you map out other offers with you, go over how we’d brand that and how we’d advertise it! 

That is where it gets really fun and exciting!

What happens if I wait?

At the end of the day, the only thing you're delaying is growth, whether that be using us, another agency, or executing on the digital advertising actions needed yourself. What we've found out is that there is rarely is ever a 'perfect' time to execute on some form of digital advertising. 

For instance, If you're building your product now and can't run ads yet due to the product not being done yet, then that's the best time to get the funnel and backend work done so when the product is ready, there's no delay in revenue.

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