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Aftermath Marketing helps businesses combine their sales process, with a strategic marketing plan that puts an emphasis on increasing sales as the main objective

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Who We Are

Whether you are a gym that has just one location and is looking to get more leads, a corporate gym looking to open more locations, or a personalty brand that is looking to scale to six-figure months, we want to be the team of experts that helps make that happen. Aftermath Marketing is a marketing agency that has one main objective, to help you grow your business. 

We cut out all of the services that do not help you directly increase your revenue, because we know that growing your business, is your top priority, so we made it ours as well.

A Specific System Will Be Put In Place. 
We map out and create an entire strategy that is designed to get our clients results and increase their sales from end to end. We use tracking and analytics in order to ensure that every single marketing dollar is being used as effective as possible. To sum it up, we use every single marketing dollar towards increasing your sales as strategically and data driven as possible.
Paid Advertising
We understand that every brand has a different audience and message that needs to be shown on the correct channels in order to succeed. We use strategically created content in order to increase your sales and to grow your brand name. The goal is to increase sales now, and optimize for scalability in the futre.
Chatbot Automation.
If you are not familiar with chatbots, think of them as an email list on Facebook, where you can reply to people in real time, without having to even schedule out specific "blasts" to your subscriber list. You can launch "broadcasts" through chatbot automation though, the largest difference between email lists and chatbots? Email lists get an average of 3-12% open rate. Chatbots? 70% open rate and above! Plus,  Facebook's algorithm is pushing more towards messenger than ever before! 
Funnel Creation
Our entire strategy is designed to increase sales, in a strategic and data driven way. Funnels allow us to do this as efficiently as possible. We can track exactly how much it's costing to get our desired result and where we can improve the sales process in order to scale our clients even further.
Analytics & Reporting.
We believe in data and analytics to see where we need to improve the sales process in order for you to hit your milestones. That is why we give our clients monthly detailed analytical reports that include earned engagements, growth, paid ad results, and ROI. This allows us to make strategic real time decisions that allow us to help our clients hit their milestones faster and more efficiently.
We know that a lot of business already have an internal marketing team. Our main objectives when consulting are to identify a goal, amplify what is working and either cut what is not working/make necessary adjustments, and implement a system that allows you to track your analytics, and scale your business to reach your desired targets.
Get Your Personal Video From Our CEO!
We'll take an extensive look at your entire digital presence! From your social media all the way to your website. We'll show you what you can improve, how to distribute your content, and how you can scale!
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