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Doc Farhan + Aphro-D 45% Increase In Sales, In Under 90 Days 


"Danny helped us integrate the video Facebook retargeting strategy and helped us increase our revenue by 45% in just a few months. Danny is the man!” 
-Imran Lalani, Co-Founder of Aphro-D


Niche: Fitness- testosterone building 

Results: 45% Increase In Sales 

Founders: Doc Farhan and Imran Lalani

The Frog Fitness Systems 360.2% Increase In Sales 

The total amount spent on ads within 30 days

Amount made back within those same 30 days
Gross: $20,099
Net: $11,110

The Frog Fitness Systems

Niche: Fitness- at home workout equipment 

Results: 45% Increase In Sales 

Founder: Damon West

Decrease Your Cost Per Sale

Increase Your Conversion Rate

Blow Up Your Brand Reach

"If your business sells something that brings legit value to the people who buy it, then you are morally obligated to get it into more hands. The only way to go about doing so is to get more traffic and have a way to convert them into clients smoothly. Danny Leonard can 100% help you do so."

- Ken Conklin, Forbes Featured Speaker

"Danny Leonard is one of the most personable people that I have ever known. It's taken me quite a while to get my product out and almost every other week he messages me and checks in and pushed me to get done what I need to get done, but then he also works his absolute butt off and gets done what he says he's going to get done."

- Tyler Pazik, Founder and CEO of Pazik Performance Group

Has clients such as Kyler Murray- Heisman Winner and the QB for the Arizona Cardinals, USA National Teams, Notre Dame Baseball, among many other top-tier athletes and programs 

"I gave him an opportunity to with this product that I had a hard time selling. Within one day, he had a sales funnel built that actually started converting. We sold so many of those items, I was literally here at my house packing this item up every day. I had 4-5, even the FedEx guy was saying 'dude how did sales suddenly pick up?'
And the answer was Danny Leonard"

- Clark Bartram Founder and CEO of Clark Bartram Systems and NanoTest Performance System

Has been featured on over 130 fitness magazine covers, a best selling author, and has helped thousands of men and women get into their best shape possible

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Founder and CEO

Dennard Crawford

Chief Marketing Officer

Max Alderman

Sales and Marketing Manager

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